Company Resume

History – G.M. Sager Construction Company Inc. is a family owned construction company that has been in business for over 34 years.  In the late 70’s, Gary Sager started G.M. Sager Construction, as the only employee, performing small asphalt repairs.  During that time, asphalt was broke with a sledge hammer and removed with a pick.  The only equipment used was a small dump truck to transport asphalt and a walk behind roller for compaction.  Night work was performed using head lights from an automobile.   Today, G.M. Sager is a diversified general engineering construction business with technologically advanced construction equipment, 30-40 employees, and has a wide range of construction capabilities.  G.M. Sager is centrally located in Pomona, California and does work in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.  While most of the work that the business performs comes from cities and utility companies, some work comes through commercial, public and private sectors.   

Construction Capabilities 

1) Asphalt Construction

  • “Patch Work” – G.M. Sager is known for our impeccable work performing asphalt repairs.  We take great pride in our craftsmanship and guarantee our patch repairs.
  • Trench line Paving 
  • Parking lot Construction
  • Moratorium and Arterial Street Construction
  • Inlay Cap using rubberized materials
  • Street Grinding & Pulverizing
  • Slurry Seal – Type I and Type II
  • Striping 

2)  Concrete Construction 

  • Curb and Gutter Construction
  • Cross Gutter Construction     
  • ADA Ramp Construction
  • Bus Pad Construction
  • Sidewalk Construction               
  • Reinforced Steel  Construction
  • CMU masonry & block wall construction 

3)  Grading Construction 

  • Rough Grading/Fine Grading for all soils types
  • Site Clean-up including spoils removals
  • Material Import/Export
  • Over excavations
  • Rock Base – Class II and Crushed Aggregate Base installation and compaction
  • Soils Testing 

4)  General Engineering – A Contractors license

      G.M. Sager’s general engineering contractor’s license enables the company to have a broad range of capabilities.  We have a wide array of subcontractors that we deal with on a regular basis enabling us to be competitive in price.  The following is a list of construction services that we offer our clients.

  • Block Wall and Wrought Iron Construction
  • Traffic Signal and Traffic loop Construction
  • Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Thermoplastic Striping
  • Demolition Construction 

5)  Administration Personnel

G.M. Sager has a strong administration and takes pride in its efficiency.  Our number one priority is our customers, and we strive to do our best to appease their demands.  Accounts Payable/Receivables is at the top of our list of priorities, and we do our best to provide our customers with timely payments and provide invoices on-time.  Providing proposals and quotes is equally important,  and we are committed to achieving this.

Ron Osborne 
Ron Osborne has been with G.M. Sager since 2006 and handles all accounts, payables, data processing, business lines of credit, vendor management, and collections.

Vicki Monclova
Vicki Monclova has been with G.M. Sager since 2005 and handles all accounts receivables, payroll processing, notary processing, and English/Spanish translation.

Mary Ellen Sheppard 
Mary Ellen Sheppard has been with G.M. Sager since 2012 and handles all Proposal/Bid preparations, work orders, field communications, phone management, and orderly filing.

Janice Lipscomb 
Janice Lipscomb has been with G.M. Sager since 2000 and is in charge of Human Resources.

6) Company Location G.M. Sager is located off the 60 Fwy in Pomona, California. The current address is:

7)  Emergency Repair Services

G.M. Sager is known for its excellent 24 hour emergency repair service.  Any hour of the day or night, G.M. Sager can mobilize a crew and have a concrete/asphalt plant opened.  Our specialty is helping local cities and municipalities with emergency leaks (blowouts) or asap repairs.  G.M. Sager brings all necessary equipment to assist In-house crews with their repairs so they can get utilities back online.  Typically, our job is to get the streets back in working condition in the shortest amount of time.  

Contact Us

If you would like to reach out to us to discuss a project, provide your contact information and we’ll reach out to you to discuss further. 

1380 E East End Ave
Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: (909) 620-9987