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G. M. Sager Construction Company Inc., specializes in asphalt and concrete repairs. We have been in business for over 30 years and our client base remains stable. We have very little client turnover and have serviced the same accounts for many years.

Most cities and counties are concerned with potholes, deteriorating pavement and the resulting problems. In response, construction requirements are being continuously updated in an effort to reduce these problems. Our company has grown with the changing construction specifications for pavement repairs. We stay apprised of not only what is required by individual cities, counties and water companies, but take into consideration each individual situation and make every effort to complete each repair so that it is structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Company is dedicated to service. We are responsive to our customers needs and will respond rapidly when necessary. Unlike some contractors that use small repair cuts as a fill-in during busy times, we make ourselves available 24 hours a day via cell phones. Our Superintendents and foremen are instructed to have their phones on at all times. Our equipment is designed for repair cuts and our employees are trained to respond to the job as rapidly as possible.

We pride ourselves in providing a dependable and consistent product. It is unacceptable for us to follow “minimum construction requirements.” Our goal is to complete each repair in a manner that results in compliments rather than complaints.

An installation or repair beneath the surface is the major part of a construction project and can only be seen during “open trench construction.” The “asphalt repair” is a permanent signature of the water company, municipality, and the contractor for years to come. As these repairs are completed, a statement is made that shows competency and pride of workmanship. As the repairs hold up in appearance and structure, the city saves money in maintenance and liability costs.

When working for a utility company or municipality, we make our best efforts to communicate with the city serviced by the utility. It is our business to make sure they are overly satisfied. When the city feels that the utility company is conscientious of them and the public, everything goes smoother and money is saved in the long run.

We adhere to the “Federal Clean Water Act” and comply with and stay abreast of changing laws. We follow the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook “WATCH” for traffic delineation and assure that safety guidelines are practiced by all our employees.

Employee safety meetings are conducted on a regular basis at which we emphasize safe construction practices, customer relations, and courtesy. Our employees are taught that every “property owner” is to be treated with respect, and that every effort should be made to leave the construction area cleaner than it was found.

Our price schedule has been built after careful review and calculations of material, labor, equipment, and overhead costs. It is based on what we actually construct at a given location.
Asphalt repair, unlike new construction, can differ from one location to another. Often times a water leak erodes the surface or causes excessive moisture problems that cannot be seen until surface material removal begins. If these problems are not addressed, future pavement failure and probable additional pavement damage will occur. We feel that doing the job right the first time is not only cost effective, but improves public relations and public sentiment. In order to accomplish this task, it takes the necessary equipment, trained personnel and attention to detail. Unlike large paving projects where larger equipment and additional trucks can cut labor costs dramatically, small asphalt repairs are completed one at a time. While a large number of asphalt repairs is certainly desirable, the cost to complete any given repair does not decrease as the number of repairs increase. 

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